About Us

Welcome to Shad Fashion LTD

It’s a very prominent name in underwear garments, a 100% export-oriented industry in Bangladesh. It is a most sophisticated plant equipped with highly modern types of machinery mostly imported from Germany, the USA, Japan, Portugal, Korea, China, Thailand, Taiwan, and Turkey. We are using the latest technology and experienced personnel. It has been running since January 2013 & it has been producing world-class all types of underwear garments. We have a plan for 30 sewing lines, but at this moment running 20 sewing lines.

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Working Strategy

We are committed to conducting our operations in an ethical, legal, and moral manner. Our values and principal which are key requirements in conducting business operations as attached here.

Ethical Standard

We respect the ethical & moral standards and benefits of all peoples and cultures with whom we deal.


Legal Requirement

We abide by the law of our country. We also abide by the international low related to the conduct of business.

Wages & Benefits

We strictly follow our country’s wages and benefits laws & rules.


Child Labor

The use of child labor is strictly prohibited in our factories.


Disciplining Practice

We do not condone any type of harassment, abuse, and
corporal, mental or physical punishment in our factories.

Our Clients

SL-Dhaka Group deals with some of the top world-class Retailers and Buyers.